There are numerous reasons you could have an ingrown toenail. The most common reason you have an ingrown toenail is that you cut back in the corner of the toe and pulled the nail when you did that cut. If you cut and let the nail fall, then most of the time it won’t grow. Genetics play a big factor in that, too, as well as inappropriate shoes. Most patients that come into the office actually have the wrong size shoes on, and they’re trying to cramp their toes, which causes pressure. Diabetics also have a problem with ingrown toenails because they can’t feel when they do have a problem. From that, it can lead all the way into a severe infection and even loss of toe or amputation. If it’s a common ingrown toenail, those are easily taken care of in the office with a painless procedure in less than 15-20 minutes. There’s no need to live with an ingrown toenail. We can solve that problem.

Do your toenails grow in and hurt? This is a very common problem. It’s when the nail digs into the skin. It can make your toe red, hot, swollen, maybe even with some drainage. There are different reasons for ingrown toenails to occur, such as the way you trimmed your nail, shoes that irritate the toe, heredity, or trauma to the nail. Don’t worry. Treatment can be very easy. I know you’ve clipped it yourself and you think you’ve gotten all of the nail, but it still hurts. There’s probably still a piece of the nail sticking into the skin, or the root of the nail may be the problem. Treatment is not as painful as the pain you’ve already caused yourself or if someone happened to step on your toes. I know how painful that is. Antibiotics may be needed, as well as getting rid of the problem that’s causing it. Make an appointment today. Let us help you.