"This is Mr. Sain. He is a diabetic, has been dealing with a repeat foot ulceration, on the bottom of his foot here. You've been dealing with it for a little over a year?" "A little over a year, yes." "So he would be healed, and then it would come back, and then healed again, and we did offloading for his shoes. We made the decision that we needed to do surgery, and since the surgery his callous has been gone, he is now healed on the side of the foot, and he is looking forward to doing all the other things." "Doing yard work and walking especially to get my A1C down, but when I came here, like we said, I'd been doing it for about a year, trying to get this fixed and it never would heal. Then we came here, and Dr. O'Hara and her staff did worked on it and then we had surgery and they did an excellent job. I always felt like I was in the best of hands while I was here. I feel better, I'm, healed up now, I'm going to go home this afternoon and help mow the yard and start walking tomorrow morning."