Toenail fungus is very common in our practice. It’s the most misdiagnosed condition that we see. We see thickened, ugly, discolored toenails. Most of the time when that patient has come to us, they have already sought medical treatment from their primary care and been placed on medications and so forth like that. You’ve got to take a culture; you’ve got to perform a biopsy to determine if that is truly a toenail fungus. If that’s the cause, then there are three treatment options: topical, oral medication, and the best and most effective treatment is our laser treatment. The laser treatment kills the toenail fungus approximately 85-90% of the time, whereas oral medication only works 75% of the time. Inappropriate use of hygiene as well as shower gear that is not disinfected can cause toenail fungus. Trauma for athletes can also cause toenail fungus by having blood underneath the nail, which then leads to a fungal infection. The first thing you need to do is get the proper diagnosis, and then we can treat you from there.

Do you have ugly, thick, discolored, embarrassing toenails? Do you want to hide your feet and avoid sandals? Guess what? We can help. There are two main reasons toenails can look like this. The first is fungus, which is an infection under the surface of the nail. The other is micro trauma, either previous trauma or biomechanical issues, such as hitting the top of the shoe with your toe or toenail. These have very different treatment options. Other doctors tend to misdiagnose this which can be frustrating, costly, and basically a waste of time. We want your nails to look good. The proper diagnosis requires a culture and a nail biopsy, which is pain free. This allows us to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Treatments can include laser, topical medication, oral medication, or a combination of these. Remember, nails take approximately nine months to grow out so no treatment is quick; but, if treated appropriately, you can wear open-toed shoes again with pride.