"The foot is a very complex structure, and heel pain comes from bearing quite a bit of load with every step that you take. People often complain about heel pain when they first get out of bed in the morning. I’ve had it; I felt like I was 100 years old getting out of bed. I felt like I was going to hit the ground, but it is treatable. The faster you can come into our office and be treated for it, the better. The longer that you have it, the longer it will take us to get rid of it.

The symptoms of heel pain are typically pain after rest. When they crawl out of bed in the morning, they have pain as soon as their foot hits the ground. From that it can also be after having lunch and sitting down for a short period of time and then they do have that first step heel pain. They find it gets better throughout the day, but it can last all day long. You don’t have to live with the heel pain. It can be controlled with medications and orthotics. We are conservative with our treatments. We try not to perform any surgery to take care of your heel pain. People live many, many years with ongoing heel pain, and they never seek treatment. It can be taken care of in as little as a few weeks to several months."