Orthotics come in all shapes and sizes. You can have over-the-counter orthotics as well as custom orthotics. Orthotics actually support the foot; they control the motions. The ones that are typically over-the-counter are ones that are soft and cushion and have a gel or foam-type material. That’s not necessarily controlling the motion. Custom orthotics control the motion of the foot—the subtalar joint. That allows for proper alignment of all the digits, as well as the mid-foot, and allows the foot to function in a normal fashion. If you do not have a custom mold of your foot, then you truly do not have an orthotic. You just have an arch support.

Orthotics will correct the foot and put it in correct alignment in a neutral position. You must have a mold of your foot made. In other words, we take a cast made out of fiberglass and hold the foot in a neutral position to correct the alignment of the foot. That will help with the knee alignment, hip and lower back, as well as neck pain. You must make an appointment to come in and get fitted and fully casted for these orthotics.