"Today we're going to talk about amniotic therapy for tendonitis. We have Ms. Hood here, she's had posterior tibial tendon dysfunction for a very long time, we've tried just about everything, shoes, inserts. This is Brittney here, my compadre, my right hand, as you can see, Brittney has the brace that Ms. Hood's been in for a while and she still wasn't getting better. She also been in a boot and because she wasn't getting better and didn't want to have surgery we decided to do some amniotic injection therapy to help her tendon heal. So Ms. Hood, how long had you been dealing with this?"

"About 4 years."

"About 4 years, and it's just been miserable?"

"Yes yes, and I couldn't walk."

"Couldn't walk at all."

"Just turning my foot to the side, trying to walk."

"And how was undergoing the injection for you?"


"And you're how far from the injection now?"

"About 2 months."

"And how much pain are you in?"


"So four years, and then two months after the injection, no pain?"

"No pain!"

"You sure?"

"I'm positive!"

"Would you do it again?"

"Yes I would."

"Well thank you guys, this has been Brittney and Ms. Hood, myself Dr. Harris and we just wanted to update you on amniotic therapy. Thank you."

Ms. Hood