So this is Ms. White and today we're going to talk about minimal incision bunion surgery. Ms. White decided that she wanted to have it done since she didn't want to have very visible scars and have a bunion corrected. So if you can come in and look at her feet and you can see that the the left foot and the right foot was similar in the beginning and you can see on this right side, here, this is after her bunion has been corrected with these three small incisions here, versus having a big long incision that we typically make to correct the bunion. So I'll have Ms. White stand up and we'll look at it with her standing. As you can see the toe still stays in the straight alignment. Now you can see that the bump on the inside is not sticking out, can you come up on your toes Ms. White? That hurt any?


All right, okay you can have a seat Ms. Whte.  And if we look at her x-rays here you can see the before, and you can see the after. So just two small screws. Ms. White, would you recommend minimal incision bunion surgery?

Yes I do. I do recommend it. It wasn't a long process, it took me less of time to heal from the process of the surgery, so, yes i do recommend it to other people.

All right, thank you. 

Ms. White