This Ms. Caldwell, we're talking about posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. We’ve had a couple of videos on that but what it is the main tendon that goes behind your ankle no longer works which is what causes a flat foot. Miss Caldwell suffered from that for a couple of years, she had undergone a couple of surgeries and then we ended up having to do a revision of reconstruction and a midfoot fusion on her. So a lot of patients will avoid things when they hear fusions but I wanted Miss Caldwell to give a testimonial of how fusion can be beneficial and whether it can help you with your pain. So miss Caldwell, I know you had undergone a couple surgeries for realignment and that didn't quite help and those weren't able to hold your arch up so what was your experience in having a fusion?

The experience was wonderful thank you again Dr. Harris. My whole life has changed, I’m able to wear shoes, I don't have any pain, no swelling. I’m not 110% back to normal but I am pain-free and I thank this for Dr. Harris and thank God because when I walked in his office he saw the pain in my face. It was just like I wanted to cry but I hold my tears, but he saw the pain like I said in my face, and I just thank him for making my life better and better. Thank you.

I appreciate it, I said it's not me, it's God I’m just a vessel so that's right but I appreciate you allowing us to care for you know I just want to update people you know I have a lot of patients that are reserved about having fusion so I wanted you to share your experience and hopefully others can have the same experience. Thank you.

Thank you Dr. Harris.

Ms. Caldwell