A Broken or Sprained AnkleToe injuries are common, but it’s not always obvious whether the problem is a sprain or a fracture. Both conditions can result in pain, swelling, stiffness, bruising, and discoloration, and sometimes a sprain can “mask” a more serious break underneath, leaving you to wonder, “Is my toe broken or sprained?” Here are some signs to help you tell the difference:

While sprained toes usually still can be moved and flexed (albeit with pain), broken toes usually won’t move at all (or at least not very much). Broken toes are also more likely to cause numbness or tingling, more likely to cause bleeding, and more likely to cause “unusual” symptoms like disorientation or faintness. Symptoms don’t usually improve as quickly, either, so if swelling and pain remains intense after more than 48 hours, a break is likely.

Of course, if the toe is misaligned or deformed, that’s an obvious sign that you’re dealing with something much worse than a sprain.

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Photo Credit: kipcurry via freeimages.com