So this is Mrs. T Fun and we've been treating her for plantar fasciitis for a while and we got to the point where we weren't getting anywhere with anti-inflammatories and steroid injections so we finally got approval for her to get custom orthotics and she taught us some neat little tricks about orthotics and we wanted to share this with you all. So custom orthotics are made to rebalance your foot when there are imbalances from genetics in the way you grow and have developed from your parents. So in order to rebalance that the inserts you get have to be custom, the over-the-counters that anybody can wear are just like reading glasses, they're only going to amplify things. But Mrs. T Fun showed us a fun trick to make your thought is cool so your feet don't sweat so you take your sock and you put it over top of your orthotic and now it's like walking on socks. So you don't have to see the socks on your skin and you can still show off your ankles and be fancy that's right so Ms. T Fun you want to show tell everybody how your orthotics feel and what benefits you notice from them

So after suffering with plantar fasciitis since last April I came in and saw Dr. Harris and, I like I said, went through the anti-inflammatories. I got three steroid shots and it still just was not working. I also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and he recommended getting the custom orthotics and so I did and, basically, like they make molds of your teeth, they basically just make a mold of your foot and they send it off and it comes back and it's perfectly molded for my foot. Since ordering the orthotics and wearing them every day for the last couple of months I literally have no foot pain at all. I’ve taught for 23 years and so I’m on my feet every day and I always would come home with sore feet and I don't come home with sore feet anymore. The orthotics has balanced it out and my feet are not sore, I don't have the plantar fasciitis pain anymore. I’ve tried to fit the orthotics in the sandals, I’m trying to wear them as much as I can because now I want to wear them all the time they feel fabulous on my feet. My feet feel so good it's probably the best investment that I’ve made in a very long time.

I’m surprised T Fun, this is her short name, is even sharing this because she couldn't stand me when she first met because I would make it hurt every time she came it was painful but now I think we're on good terms. So yes but I would encourage everyone if you have orthotics to try her trick she taught me something with this and I guess that's why you're a teacher!

T. Fun