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Answers to Your Top Questions About Foot and Ankle Pain

Let us solve your foot and ankle problems.

When you’re in pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else. We understand - we can help you get started towards fast relief with these answers to the most common questions we hear about foot and ankle pain in Carolina and get youback to focusing on what actually matters to you.

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  • How long does toenail fungus recovery take?

    The speed of your toenail fungus recovery partly depends on the effectiveness of your treatment. In general, though, healing takes however long your nail needs to grow out. Usually it will take about a year for a nail to completely replace all the damaged keratin, though you may see improvements after only a couple months. Certain treatments may show your nails clearing and re-growing more quickly than others, too. Topical and oral medication take a while to eliminate the pathogens under the nail. Laser and nail surgery both eradicate the infection quickly and allow the new nail to grow in right away. Still, the speed of your recovery is limited by how long it takes to grow in a new nail.

    That’s part of why treating the infection right away is so important. The sooner you take care of the infection, the sooner you restore your nails to full health. Let Carolina Podiatry Group help you improve your nails. Just contact our South Carolina offices for an appointment. You can reach use through our website or by calling (803) 285-1411 for Lancaster, or (803) 548-FEET for Fort Mill.

  • Does laser treatment for fungal nails hurt?

    Toenail fungus can be embarrassing, bothersome, and super stubborn. If you’ve tried topical medications to rid yourself of the thick, crumbly, distorted, and discolored nails that a fungal infection causes, but nothing seems to work, you may want to consider laser treatment.

    This noninvasive and painless procedure uses a precisely directed light beam to eliminate the fungus without harming any of the surrounding tissues. With light energy of a specific wavelength and sufficient strength, the laser is able to project into the nail, destroy the fungus, but leave the nail intact and completely unaffected. It’s pain-free and it works!

    Learn more at Carolina Podiatry Group in SC. Make an appointment with Brandon Percival, DPM, Julie Percival, DPM, or William Harris IV, DPM, today. Just call (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster, (803) 548-FEET (3338) in Fort Mill, or (803) 285-1411 in Chester. You can also visit us online or on Facebook.