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Find Helpful Tips From Our Carolina Foot and Ankle Doctors

Get the help and tips you need straight from the minds of our Carolina foot and ankle doctors. Read our blog for information that’ll help you find the right treatment and care plan for your foot pain.

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  • Football Injuries in the Fall for Young Athletes With Fall comes pumpkins, bonfires, & football - including football injuries. Dr. Julie Percival discusses how to keep your young athletes safe this year.
  • Top 5 exercises to improve foot fitness If you want to improve your overall fitness, you can’t neglect your foot strength. Dr. Brandon S. Percival in Lancaster, SC, describes five foot exercises.
  • Tips to Help Your Turf Toe Recovery RICE therapy, stiff shoes, and plenty of time to rest can speed up turf toe recovery and prevent chronic complications, says Carolina Podiatry Group.
  • Turf Toe | Causes and Symptoms Sometimes seemingly small injuries can end your sports season! Dr. Brandon S. Percival in Lancaster, SC, describes turf toe and what symptoms to know.
  • First Aid for a Broken Foot When you break your foot, you need prompt medical care. Dr. Brandon S. Percival describes first aid to tide you over while you get other help.