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Halloween is celebrated with jack o’ lanterns, wearing costumes and going to haunted houses. It’s also one of the biggest days of the year for candy consumption. Over the years, both of my sons have collected outrageous amounts of candy.  Americans alone purchase over 90 million pounds of chocolate each Halloween.  Increased sugar intake can lead to more problems than just elevated glucose. High levels of glucose over a long period of time can affect your blood vessels and nerves, especially in your feet. One of the most common problems in the diabetic community is diabetic neuropathy.  Patients with diabetic neuropathy experience tingling, burning, and numbness in the feet. Neuropathy may also cause the muscles that support the bones of the feet to be weakened resulting in a change in the bone structure of the foot.  At Carolina Podiatry Group, we stress the importance of healthy feet! Making efforts to control your glucose levels can help you avoid any future damage to your feet.  With these simple tips below, you can do a little more “tricking” instead of “treating” this Halloween and keep glucose levels down!

Self control can be especially difficult for both adults and children, especially during Halloween.

  • Try alternative treats such as popcorn, sugar-free candy or low sugar fruits and veggies.  One of my favorites is “ants on a log.” Celery with some peanut butter and raisins!

  • Offer things like small toys or stickers when trick or treaters come by.

  • Some candy is okay as long as eaten in moderation. Here are just a few amounts of candies that are approximately 15 carbohydrates.

    • 11 candy corns

    • 4 Starbursts

    • 1/2 stick Twix

    • 2 sticks Kit Kat

    • 30 Reese's Pieces

    • 1/2 pack of M&Ms (plain or peanut)

    • 1 piece of Fruit by the Foot

    • 15 Skittles

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