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Find Helpful Tips From Our Carolina Foot and Ankle Doctors

Get the help and tips you need straight from the minds of our Carolina foot and ankle doctors. Read our blog for information that’ll help you find the right treatment and care plan for your foot pain.

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  • Flat Feet | Flat Feet in Children | Causes Flat feet has multiple possible causes, from ordinary genetic variations to inherited conditions to years of wear and tear, says Carolina Podiatry Group.
  • Over the counter vs. Custom Orthotics With so many choices for foot support, what do you really need? Dr. Brandon S. Percival discusses prescription versus over the counter shoe inserts.
  • Flatfoot Treatment Options Some may need surgery, others arch supports, and still others need no treatment at all. Carolina Podiatry Group discusses your flatfoot treatment options.
  • When do I need Flatfoot Surgery? When does corrective surgery for flat feet become the best option? Dr. Brandon S. Percival at Carolina Podiatry Group discusses this important choice.
  • Know Your Arch Type Knowing your arch type can help you better support your feet. Dr. Brandon S. Percival discusses the differences between low, average, and high arches.